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Tuesday, 31 March 2015
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Welcome on the Color-Moment pages. You will find here examples of my colorizing work.  


Pictures of aircraft or historical events were found on the different internet forums in the relatively low resolution, with longer side usually up to 2k pixels. My intention is to visually summarize discussions about the appearance of the subject in his natural environment. A lot of effort is given to study of historical sources (painting schemes, orders), original color definitions, examples preserved in museums etc. Research usually takes much more time than colorizing itself.


On the other side, the examples of the personal or family photos, after approval here intentionally scaled down, were colorized as a presents for birthday or anniversary etc. „Personal“ information like color of eyes and hair, pieces of clothing, color of the furniture, walls etc. are very important. My motto Return color to memories is more than relevant here.


However, not all required info is always known or available, so there is always some level of inaccuracy, sometime more educated guessing, sometime more "artistic license".


These colorized photographs are not by any means historical records „carved to stone“. They only try to interpret with higher or lower probability how historical reality could look in the past, to offer you opportunity to experience to experience the past through modern colorful look.


For those who feel disgusted with colorizing, the original photographs are still here. And you who accept colorizing or at least see it as something interesting worth your attention, please, relax and enjoy my interpretaion of the really colorfull history. 


66misos, Color-Moment


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